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Sex Workers In Accra Are Raising Their Rates As A Result Of The Present Economic Downturn

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Sex workers

Ghana ;Sex workers in Accra are raising their rates as a result of the present economic downturn.
Ghana’s economic crisis seems to be affecting all sectors, with commercial sex workers also bearing the brunt of the meltdown.

On some noted streets of Accra – Ghana’s capital, the majority of commercial sex Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia have been parading for years.

Until recently, many of them say they had been charging ¢50 ( 7 dollars ) for a short session that lasts between 15-20 minutes and ¢300 (40 dollars) for a full night.

The majority of the sex workers have increased their charges by up to 100 percent .

Lapaz, Sex workers, Osu, East Legon are a few hotspots in the city for the trade.

One of them, Vivian, said though sales were slowing down gradually, her income saw a brief uptick at some point in December last year as she “was taking ¢200 for short.”

However, the New Year came with an uncomfortable situation, creating the need for a commensurate upward adjustment in her charges.

“There has been an increase in goods lately. To pay my rent is difficult now and because of that, I have increased my price,” she said.

“Food these days is very expensive. I clothe myself, and the rest of that. So I can’t reduce my price.”

This persistence on not backing down on her new rates is now beginning to cut both ways.

This is because the same financial challenges that the country is facing are holding her clients from seeking her services.

“That is chasing my clients away,” she lamented.

She pleaded with authorities to provide austerity measures that will ensure a flourishing economy.

“Things have become very difficult for us so they should reduce some of the goods.”

Despite their courageous approach to the trade, they always meet some clients who make them question their choice of work.

“Some people don’t cum quick. If you know you don’t release early you have to give her more money. You have to pay the girl well to make her happy,” one of the sex workers said in a report cited by local media.

Since the increase in fuel prices, which has affected the prices of goods and services across most parts of the world, the sex workers are not in the position to satisfy their clients at the same rates they initially charged.


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