How To Become A Civil Engineer

How do you begin a career in civil engineering? In this blog, we’ll look at the importance of civil engineering in society and walk you through the career steps you need in order to start your role as a civil engineer in the UK. What is civil engineering?  You may not know the term ‘civil […]

Law School Scholarships Guide

Beginning the process of searching for law school scholarships can be overwhelming. Prospective applicants may wonder which opportunities they qualify for, how many they should apply to and whether to focus on scholarships for Juris Doctor (JD) degree programs versus more general ones. This article can serve as a helpful resource for law students. The […]

Biden’s Antitrust Effort Is Attempting To Avoid Transactions Across Agencies

Biden’s Antitrust Effort is Attempting to Avoid Transactions Across Agencies The Biden administration’s tactic of relying on industry regulators to stop agreements that would be difficult to dispute in court is working. Just in the last month have telecom and airline authorities ruled against Standard General LP’s purchase of Tegna Inc. and JetBlue Airways Corp.’s […]

Bachelor Of Science In Security Protection And Investigation Management (SPIM) – Security Management Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Security Protection and Investigation Management (SPIM) – Security Management Concentration     To train individuals to supervise an organization’s security operations and personnel. Opportunities for Employment Customs and Border Protection Information Technology/Cybersecurity Aviation Security Maritime Security Criminal Procedure Group of Private Security Investigators • High School Graduates • Law Enforcement Officers […]

Auto Injury Information

Auto Injury Information   Unluckily, getting into a car accident sooner or later will happen to you or someone you know. Being hurt and going through the trauma of a car accident can be stressful enough, let alone attempting to comprehend all the legal procedures required to ensure that your rights are protected. The legal […]