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‘Animal Shelters’ Are Warning Of An Impending Disaster And Urging Americans To Lend A Hand

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Animal shelters are warning of an impending disaster and urging Americans to help. As the coronavirus pandemic enters its third year, a “perfect storm of events” has increased strain on already overburdened U.S. shelters. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, animal shelters around the country were forced to close their doors, Americans responded […]

Puppy Killer Tortured Dogs In Hotel Room

Tyler Hastings Berry

Puppy Killer Tortured Dogs In Hotel Room After discovering puppies and dogs on Facebook, a man allegedly tortured and killed them in numerous hotel rooms. Tyler Hastings Berry, 27, was recently charged with murdering two puppies and throwing their carcasses in a garbage can in his Hyatt House hotel room. According to a police document […]