Fox Captured By Police After Biting Congressman On Capitol Hill

Fox Captured By Police After Biting Congressman On Capitol Hill

There’s a fox problem on Capitol Hill. That isn’t the start of a joke, either.

Rep. Ami Bera, D-Calif., found out personally while walking to the Capitol for voting on Monday evening. Out of an abundance of caution, he is now having a series of four rabies vaccines.


As he approached near one of the Senate office buildings, Bera stated he felt something lunge at him from behind. He spun around and used his umbrella to fend off what he believed was a tiny dog, but it wasn’t long before he discovered he was tangled up with a fox.

The interaction, according to Bera, lasted roughly 15 seconds. As U.S. Capitol Police officers arrived on the scene, a spectator called to notify others, and the fox bolted. Bera, a medical practitioner, was on the lookout for puncture wounds. He didn’t see any, but there was some abrasion, so he went to the Capitol physician, who advised him to take no chances and get treatment.



After voting for the first of four shots, he headed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he said.



Bera described his encounter as “the most unique day on the Hill in ten years.”

When House Sergeant at Arms told members and their staffs Tuesday afternoon that there had been several recent fox encounters and that the animals should not be approached, he was serious.

The notice stated that there could be multiple fox dens on Capitol grounds, and that animal control personnel would be on the lookout for any they found.

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They were successful in at least one case. One fox was securely secured in a cage, according to Capitol Police.


Bera had no harsh feelings for the perpetrator.

“Hopefully, the animal will be rehabilitated.”

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