What will happen if you Be Nice to Everybody?

Cristopher S. never met anyone in his life that she didnt liked from a first moment. He always start a conversation with the new people using compliments and so many questions about the person’s life, health, even relatives and animals. He build this friendship to a hug and always in the end is telling to his new friend “I love you”.

This story is not from a child book and some imaginary tale. Its a true story for 30 000 Americans with a genetic disorder  that makes them too much friendly and trusting everybody. They have unconditional love for everyone they meet. Cristofer is one of them.

This disorder is called Williams syndrome and it is opposite of autism, or also called “cocktail-party syndrome” because the people who have it are socially fearless and driven to engage fearlessly  with everybody.

I was impressed that i met such a person, i envy that kind of social ease and i was shocked when i heard that this is a disorder and not a gift. However i discovered that it does com with many troubling symptoms like awareness disability and many other health issues. Even heart defect. There is no real cure for Williams syndrome, every person is treated individually.

Living without skepticism and suspicion comes with high risk of being abused or taken advantage of. People with Williams syndrome are usually lonely cause their insatiable high drive to connect with people is actually pushing people away. This unique combination of being too nice and good to people exposes one of the many paradoxes in peoples subconscious mind that makes us  shy away or just back off without reason.

Its not just warmth and openness that make us love or like someone, there is more sophisticated sense that we posses so we know when to turn on the warmth and when to turn it of. When i think of this i often end up asking myself is this supposed to be normal? What would happen if every single person on the planet have the Williams syndrome?

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